«The Toy Dolls» - «Melancholy Margaret»

Melancholy Margaret
Nobby was a soldier, a life in the Army
Margarets back home alone waiting suspiciously
She can't hide the misery, the upset & despair
When she found out Nobby had been having it off elsewhere
There's Eric & there's Robby & there's Derrick & there's Bobby
They gave her the elbow
There's Harry & there's Willy & there's Barry & there's Billy also

Whose that then?

Woe is me, I'm melancholy Margaret, I fret coz they leave me
God help me I'm melancholy. Snurree?!

Tommy was a driver he worked on the buses
"I've got some overtime to do" this is what he says
But Margaret wasn't having it, she searched high & low
But Tommy's gone he's neckin' on in the back of the bus depot

There's Ronnie & there's Kenny & there's Donny & there's Denny
they gave her the elbow.
There's Ronnie & there's Timmy & there's Micky & there's Jimmy also

Whose that then?

Woe is me...(guitar bit)
Woe is me...