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Grindcore is a fast, extreme style of music that fuses crust punk with death metal and the fastest, most vicious forms of hardcore. Songs are high-tempo, short, with low-tuned guitars and blastbeats. The guitar style tends to have punkier scuzzy chord riffing than the cleaner, more technical and precise death metal-grindcore/deathgrind fusion that came later. Grindcore can be see as having arisen from the same field of extreme hardcore punk as crust and thrashcore that influenced metal genres such as black metal and crossover thrash than being metal itself.
Incorrectly, many “heavy” sounding bands will often get labeled as Grindcore. Usually Grindcore has a raw — fast sound in which the riffs “grind” into each other, and a vocal style that ranges from extremely high pitched, to low growls.