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Neue Deutsche Härte (“new German hardness”, /nɔʏ̯ə dɔʏ̯tʃə hɛrtə/), also known as Tanzmetall (dance metal, a term popularized by Rammstein), is a direction in hard rock/metal music that developed in Germany in the 1990s that was inspired by electronic dance music. The combination of deep, clean vocals with a sound based on heavily distorted electric guitar and drums also usually includes keyboard and the use of synthesisers, samples, and sometimes drum machines.
Several bands were important to the eventual sound, but OOMPH! is generally considered to be the original NDH-band, starting with their second album, Sperm. Another important early NDH band was Fleischmann.
Common Characteristics
Although there is no single defining characteristic of NDH, there are a number of features that are often present in NDH songs.
- Distorted guitars
- Melody in mid-range instruments, usually classical (i.e. orchestra, choir) or synthesized.
- Melody moves rapidly from instrument to instrument, and from instrument to vocal.
- Extensive ostinato/sound effects, which don’t necessarily blend with the rest of the melody.
- Wide variety of instruments.
- Deep, clean male vocal part, often played more quietly than in other genres so that other instruments can be heard. Vocalist sings with many different timbres (e.g. clean singing, growling, screaming, etc.)
- Avoidance of strident instruments (notably cymbals).
- Techno-esque, nearly danceable beat drives the music; usually involves bass drum, or alternating cymbal and bass drum.
- NDH bands generally have serious lyrics, dynamic tempos, complicated chord progressions, and eschew solos.
Increasing popularity
NDH’s sales have been increasing in Germany and the United States. Rammstein has sold more than 22 million records; other German artists are experiencing rising demand as well.
(from wikipedia)