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Visual Kei (ヴィジュアル系) refers to a movement among Japanese musicians,
that is characterized by the use of eccentric, sometimes flamboyant looks.
This usually involves striking make-up, unusual hair styles and elaborate costumes,
often, but not always, coupled with androgynous aesthetics.
Some sources state that Visual Kei refers to a music genre, or to a sub-genre of J-rock (a term referring to Japanese rock in general), with its own particular sound, related to glam-rock, punk and metal. However most insider sources state that Visual Kei’s unique clothing and make-up fashions, and participation in the related sub-culture, is equally as important as the sound of the music itself in the use of the term as while similarities can be drawn between some bands; most are from widely different genres including but not limited to Pop, heavy metal, power metal, classical, rap and electronic.