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We now interrupt your regularly scheduled programming of boring pub rock, indie/acoustic (well I might take two valium tonight) folk music, and phat beats (with the emphasis on the P.H.) … And now for something completely different. Clear your schedule, plaster on the eyeliner,and fasten your boob tube. you have A Date with Apathy?. Introducing a band that makes you want to bop straight thru the entrée and main course, for a dessert of lyrical brilliance with a delectable side of musical imagery. A band that doesnt need to sit in the back of the cinema in order to hook-up. A band that wont stand you up (unless the lead guitarists dad wont let him borrow the car). A band that understands the boundaries and realises that would you like to come up for coffee is in fact just coffee.*sigh*. A sensitive, down to earth band, that likes long walks on the beach and reading the Economist. The Brisbane Emo/Punk four piece outfit has been going hard since their conception in early 2005, and in this time have sculpted their own musical voice. A Date with Apathy consists of Dave Cotgreave (hardworking Brisbane All Rounder drummer), Ian Sheward (previously from Brisbane band Elsewhere), Georgia Weber (Brisbane songwriter) and Josh Oakes (previously from the Tara Reid Band). Drawing from a wide range of influences, from modern emo to old skool punk, the band has given birth to a unique sound not to be missed by any ear, or possibly even big toe. As they burst onto the scene with their debut single The Last Simplicity, the band looks forward to engaging year of success, triumph and a wad of really big, cool, and exciting,.and shocking stuff that they will mention at a later date …Maybe. The band has achieved rave reviews from the likes of the lead singers mum who quote; “enjoyed it more than aunt Sadies Tupperware party”. So how about it, A Date With Apathy, all risk, no baggage, and your bound to be home by curfew. Just dont mention the war. I don’t think there’s a punch-line scheduled, is there?

Taken from A Date With Apathy’s myspace… http://www.myspace.com/adatewithapathy