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A Cry to the Heavens awakens your soul, Rythyms drive the blood through your veins, Emotion, Passion, Power and Grace build the experience of A Fall To Break.

Perched on the fine line between Hard Rock and Metal,A Fall To Break is a beast of a band. Combining an angry presence with a melodic embrace easily reaching the most impassioned listener, and an experienced energetic Live show. AFTB has a sound that is just enough familiar to welcome it’s originality.

A Fall To Break is a new band, but one made of veteran players. In previous bands the members of AFTB have shared stage with National acts like The Kottonmouth Kings, Korn, Tech 9, Soulfly, Rehab, Yellowcard, Chevelle, Skindred, Chimaira, Hatebreed, Ill Nino, 40 Below Summer, Mushroomhead, Dope, Primer 55, All That Remians, Death By STereo, Otep, Kittie, Crisis, The Scorpions, DGAF, Potluck, KungFu Vampire, Twizted, Switched, American Head Charge, Tony Hawk, Vendetta Red, Metal Mulisha, Tony Hawk, Matt Hoffman, Bleed The Sky, My Ruin, Hemlock, Monstrosity, In This Moment, SkinLab and many more. Showing

a very open range of styles of music and they have played a combined thousands of live shows across the country.

A Fall To Break has shared stage with The Murderdolls, In This Moment and Straight Line Stitch.

Formed in 2010 by Nathan Shoemaker(vocals) Craig Artz (Guitar)Matt Bejar (Drums) Jeff Dickey (Bass) and Cody Larson (Guitars) in 2010. Shortly after releasing a full length 12 song album “September Falls” which was picked up by Funzalo Records for a publishing contract and sold 2000 physical discs at live shows to date. Songs from “September Falls” have been played at the NHL Boston Bruins games and “Lost, Left, All Alone” was used in the video game “Postal 3” and popular video game blogs online. A Fall To Break’s first show was the release of “September Falls” in Tucson Az, Selling out the venue with over 600 people.

Exactly a year later the band released it’s second album ” The Man In The Mask” which has sold 500 units so far and the single’s “Man In The Mask” ” Use These Scars (featuring Marcus Davis) ” and “Nothing Without You” have generated near twenty thousand views on YouTube bringing their channel views up to near forty thousand views in Two short years. Both albums were recorded and produced by Craig Artz and AFTB at their own studio Xenocide Digital Recordings.

Tracks from both albums have been played on Mainstream stations 92.1 Kfma (Tucson) and 97.9 KUPD (Phoenix) Local Station KXCI 92.9, KRWN (Farmington NM 4 corners)

and online stations such as Hard Rock Radio Live, Onslaught Radio, Skullmetal Radio, Zona Rocks, Krusher Radio and Rock N Rollica Radio as well as over 20,000 Demo’s being passed out on the bands own Xenocide Compilation Disc’s featuring other Hard Rock, Metal and Hip Hop Acts as well. A Fall To Break has recently parted ways with drummer Matt Bejar and in his place steps in Scott Truelove (Drums) who is well respected in the Arizona Rock scene.

With all the pieces in place and all gears spinning A Fall To Break is prepared to do what it takes to have their music heard. More tour date’s. A New Album A new direction and a head full of steem. In Two short years the accomplishment’s have been outstanding. The tragedies have weighed plenty. Every day is a new day

of hard work and dedication. A Fall To Break is a well oiled machine. With very little help and a Do It Yourself mentality the band has managed to completely maintain itself and everything is done in house. The name spreads further everyday. A Fall To Break is determined to become one of our generations loudest voices in Hard Rock.

Band Members:

Nathan Shoemaker: Vocals

Craig Artz: Guitar

Cody G: Guitar

Jeff “Stench” Dickey: Bass

Scott Truelove: Drums