«A Stone Yard Star» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

A Stone Yard Star is a Dark Ambient project my multi instrumentalist Adam Pirmohamed. The music is a mix of traditional acoustic songs, intersparsed with hints of ‘Dementia’, the word used to describe the collections of soundscapes, noise and experimental pieces littered throughout his work.

This is not music that is meant to make you feel comfortable, even hidden within the soothing melodies, there is darkness in the words. Often they describe regret, loss, and things out of reach.

‘Ruin In The Courtyard’ has been completed and recorded, and is on both the myspace and Last.fm.

Album quality recordings will possibly start at some point. Fund/time permitting.

For any more information, bookings, or anything, contact Adam on this email:

[email protected]

or at