«Adrien Sala» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

Rooted in the music of weird old America, Adrien Sala draws on the reveries and traditions of songwriters past, giving new life to ancient tales of heartbreak and redemption with a uniquely Canadian voice. His first outing, “High Water Everywhere” is defined by a primitive picking and singing style that echoes influences from the Delta blues and the strange musical traditions of Appalachia. Chosen as a top album pick by Roch Parisienne of CBC’s Galaxie Radio, it rose to number six on the folk/roots chart nationwide in June of 06’ and garnered praise from a number of European and American roots music fansites. Most recently, Sala has released a new album entitled, “Diamond in the Mind”, bringing together diverse influences such as Neil Young, Willie P Bennett and Bobby Charles to form a crossbreed of Americana and Canadiana. These are songs of transformation, told by revenants of the past, whispering about lost loves in daily thought and nightly dream