«Aeon X» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

Peter Steele aka Aeon X has had short stories and poems published in over 160 anthologies. His books include A Cannibal killer, Mark Of The Devil, Demon Slayer; and 24 Tales Of Darkness. He is also a composer, songwriter, musician and live entertainer. His albums include Syntronica Eclipse 1, Alienator, Andromeda, Ectoplasm, Sentinel, Omega, Utopia, Phantasmagoria, Automaton, Ancient Realms, City Of The Dead, and many more, all available on CD and MP3 on Amazon and iTunes. He is the recipient of The American Biographical Institute’s Golden Academy Award and Gold Medal of Honour. His biography has been featured in The International Authors & Writers Who’s Who, Men of Achievement, International Book of Honour, and others. He has been short-listed twice for the Forward Prize. He also creates his own artwork that appears on his book covers and album sleeves.