«AF THE NAYSAYER» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

In 2007, AF THE NAYSAYER begins constructing the tapestries that will one day unfurl into his passion for creative musical landscaping. After two years of self-learning and growth, AF loses the only copies of his work. One year later, clicking out hundreds of solos manually, AF THE NAYSAYER reclaims his voice. After dedicating his time and his wallet to his musical expression, his dreams appear before him. Inspired by his passion for flatland BMX and personal life experiences, AF THE NAYSAYER creates uniquely inspired atmospheric textures that complement the intricate nature of reality. Calming and relaxing jazzy tones rise and fall in a down-tempo description of the innermost secrets of the soul. An Agglomeration of Thoughts expresses escapist fantasies deeply rooted in the mind and heart of a recently graduated student transitioning between the academic and the world at large.

AF stands for Abstruse Functions; intangible esoteric math equations that lie just outside of possible understanding. Focusing on long-drawn minor chords and simple, bright, colorful melodies rather than obtrusive beats, AF synthesizes complex chords with extensions; creating multi-faceted landscapes which beg to be viewed and felt in their full splendor. An Agglomeration of Thoughts is AF’s living, breathing resume. Inspired by Tortoise’s diverse sound-scapes and Prefuse73’s glitchy, ambient hip-hop, AF THE NAYSAYER strives toward creating music which promises to travel alongside reality in perfect, unscripted harmony.