«Archetype Of Ambivalence» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips


Edgar Mueller - vocals ( Revoid Of Existence )

Eugene «Eugene» Laktyushin - guitar ( Stone Belt )

Alexander «Daemon Hell» Chernikov - bass guitar

Natalia Utah - keyboards

Alex Moruga - drums ( Symbol Oblivion )

Former members:

Alexander “The Cossack” Kazakov - bass guitar

The man is nothing, as the embodiment of God and the devil, black and white. Man - this Archetype of Ambivalence, and the Archetype of Ambivalence is a man, or rather five musicians who came together March 18, 2007.

They aim to convey their thoughts, ideas, suffering and joy through their songs, to show the world what he can do and what it is now. The experience and talent of the musicians will support and support for them in this way.

And let the listeners do not make the group a cult, but listen to her songs, because these sounds affect everyone to a greater or lesser extent.

Let the birth and death, cries and laughs, decomposes and grow spiritually, our humanity, yet in each of the people live and sounds Archetype of Ambivalence!

The history of the group originates from the deceased on his laurels team Exended. Once tired of idleness drummer (Alex Moruga “Tambourine”), guitarist (Laktyushin Evgeny “Eugene”) and vocalist (Edgar Mueller) leave from the Exended, they invite a team of keyboardist (Natalia “Utah”) and bassist (Alexander Kazakov “Cossack”). All these actions take place in mid-March, but the exact date of birth of the new team marked 18 m in March 2007. The band started rehearsing a brand new material that promises, according to listeners from outside, to be successful.

In early April 2007, the group says the new name. The new name becomes the Archetype of Ambivalence (hereinafter AoA), which means Archetype duality. This is the name of the group identifies its style and meaning of texts.

Mid-April 2007. The band began actively creating new songs and excercise embodied material.

By July 2007 AoA prepare for their debut appearance at the bike show in town Irbite. But, unfortunately, in the process of preparing the bassist left the band. Speech at the bike show naturally canceled and begin actively seeking a new team member. It was auditioned a lot of candidates, but in the latter was chosen only one best (Alexander Chernikov “Daemon”). The guys take a new team member in his family, and creativity of the group again starting to flourish.

In November 2007, the group prepared to record a single. After discussions, the staff comes to a common decision, and the beginning of the first recording session is assigned to the 6 December 2007. The single has been successfully presented on March 1.