«Bart Van Wissen» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

His dreams began around the tender age of seven, when his grandfather gave him his first keyboard. It didn’t take long before he taught himself to play some basic songs with it. After some time, his parents decided that it wouldn’t be such a bad idea if he took some lessons to help develop his musical skills. At age eleven, when most people are listening to bland pop songs on commercial radio, Bart started producing drum’n’bass tracks on his computer. His taste continued to evolve and he absorbed a larger variety of different styles such as house, trip-hop, jazz, funk and a healthy dose of abstract beats, all of which remain a major influence in his present work.

At the age of nineteen, Bart sent his first demo to Deep Records label boss Peter van Hal. After listening to just a few songs, Van Hal quickly decided that Bart was extremely unique. His fresh sound and incredible musical versatility really shined through his work. From that moment, Bart has been releasing music that has been played by the big DJs all over the world, covering a broad range of styles.

Nowadays, he still refuses to limit himself to just one style of music. His dancefloor-oriented work can be described as funky and danceable, yet at the same time very musical. His downtempo music (under his Sideways alias) contains elements from jazz, funk, triphop and even classical music.

Another important aspect of Bart van Wissen is that he has been working behind the decks for several years now. He’s quickly becoming an excellent DJ, capable of working huge crowds with his fresh attitude and tight mixing skills. In the last few years, he has been travelling to countries like Indonesia, Singapore, Russia, Greece and many more, to play at clubs and festivals.