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Beau Coup was an American rock band from Cleveland, Ohio in the 1980s.


Beau Coup began in the year of 1983. The project was started by vocalist Tommy Amato, guitarist Mike McGill and drummer Eric Singer. Eventually, Amato invited keyboardist and songwriter Dennis Lewin to join the project while he was playing in a band called Jonah Koslen and the Heroes.

In that same year after the Heroes disbanded, Lewin, Tommy's older brother Frank and Bill March joined the project. With the help from Henry LoConti, Sr. and Henry LoConti, Jr., proprietors of the Agora Theatre and Ballroom and the "Agora Record Label", the band released their 6 song EP titled Beau Coup, known as their (White Album) which featured mostly Lewin's songs. The first single released from that EP was "Still In My Heart" which was authorized for airplay by 98.5 WGCL's WNCX General Manager and Program Directors. The song became a top 10 record on the station. Subsequently Rock 'n Roll Records, a subsidiary of Scotti Brothers Records signed the band and the song was distributed by CBS Records in the year of 1984. Program Director John Gorman (radio) at WMMS also took great interest in Beau Coup and gave them extensive airplay and invited them to participate in many station events as well.

After much struggle with Scotti Brothers Records and after being released by the label, the Beau Coup "Born & Raised on Rock & Roll" album, CD, and cassette were finally released on the Amherst label in 1987.

The song “Sweet Rachel” written by Dennis Lewin, reached #80 on the “Billboard Hot 100” singles chart and received much radio and video play internationally. Other Lewin songs including “Still in my Heart”, “Somewhere Out in the Night” and “Born & Raised on Rock & Roll” were all picked by Billboard as “Hot Picks” along with a video which was played on video shows in the US and abroad, including MTV and USA Video Hits.

Although Beau Coup disbanded in the early 1990s, from time to time they reunite to perform for several special events.

Because of the Beau Coup song "Jane" which Lewin wrote about the legendary rock music critic Jane Scott, they were invited to perform at her memorial service which was held at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio in 2011. Michael Stanley was also invited to perform but due to events beyond his control he was unable to attend.

Constant members

  • Tommy Amato ~ Lead Vocals/Background Vocals
  • Frank Amato ~ Lead Vocals/Background Vocals
  • Dennis Lewin ~ Keyboards/Background Vocals/Percussion
  • Mike McGill ~ Guitars
  • Bill March ~ Bass Guitar/Background Vocals

Notable members

  • Tim Pierce (1984) - Guitar
  • Eric Singer - Drummer

Single releases

  1. "Still In My Heart" Agora Records - AG 82734-1 (1984) out of print
  2. "Still In My Heart" Rock 'n' Roll Records/Scotti Brothers, Entertainment/CBS, Inc. - ZS4 04632-3 (1984) out of print
  3. "Somewhere Out In The Night" Rock 'n' Roll Records/Scotti Brothers, Entertainment/CBS, Inc. - ZS4 04768-3 (1985) out of print

EP (Extended Play) releases

"Beau Coup" (White Album) Agora Records - NR 15514 (1984) out of print. All music and lyrics composed by Dennis Lewin except for "Desperation Blvd" written by Frank Amato, Mike McGill, Bruce and Cliff Norton

Final album

"Born & Raised On Rock & Roll" Amherst Records - AMH 93316 (1987) All music and lyrics composed by Dennis Lewin except for "Never Stop" written by Tommy Amato, Mike McGill, and Dennis Lewin. "The Hold On Me" written by Frank Amato and Mike McGill

Album's Track List

"Beau Coup" White Album

Side One:

  • Still In My Heart
  • You Made Me Believe (In Miracles)
  • Someday We'll Be Together

Side Two:

  • Don't You Believe It
  • Desperation Blvd
  • Somewhere Out In The Night
"Born & Raised On Rock & Roll"

Side One:

  • Born & Raised On Rock & Roll
  • Somewhere Out In The Night
  • Find The Way
  • Jane

Side Two:

  • Sweet Rachel
  • Uptown L.A.
  • Still In My Heart
  • Never Stop
  • Hold On Me


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