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Blind Image hail from India.

The band consists of five members and their influences are bands like Sikth, Meshuggah, Lamb of god, Slipknot, Unearth, Textures, Stone sour, Megadeth, Metallica.

Line up ;

Noble - Vocals

Shri - Guitar

Rama - Guitar

Shiva - Bass

Krishna - Drums

Blind Image new self produced album “More than human” will be released on Nov 7th.

Blind Image came out with their self produced album, Psychobabble on July 2008.

The Story :

Blind Image was formed in the year 2006 - sep by Krishna along with ex guitarist prashant. After few jams Krishna’s long time friend Shri was called to play bass for the band. Shri was actually a guitarist but agreed to play bass for the band with david on vocals. So the band started out touring as a 4 piece band. When they decided to look for another guitarist, after many auditions they decided to ask shri to play the guitar and shri was more than happy with that. After trying out many bassist, band’s long time friend muneeb who use the help the band as part time bassist when Blind Image started out, took over the bassist spot for good and joined the band permanently.

Blind Image came out with their First self produced album Psychobabble in the year 2008. The album’s music carried a heavy thrash metal influence.

Blind Image is all set to release their Second self produced album More than human . The album will be released on NOV 7th 2009. The album has taken Extreme metal roots . The music of the album is highly influenced by Sikth, Meshuggah, Textures, Lamb of god, Slipknot, Mudvayne and the likes.

Prashant had to quit the band halfway through the production of More than human due to personal reasons. After his departure Arvind joined Blind Image and now handles the guitar section with shri.

More about them on their website. The bassist also happens to be an idiot.


Contact :

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