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Boom Chr Paige is an American electronic multi-instrumentalist. Boom studied under a handful of jazz guitarists and one Argentinian pianist in the U.S. Southwest region. Bred on 80s new wave and thrash metal, Boom rose up as a guitarist throughout his teens, stealing top spots at multiple classical and jazz guitar competitions in the Tex-Mex region of the States. Inspired after attending a Drahdiwaberl performance in Vienna in the late 80s, Boom actively sought to join a loud/subversive/counterculture platform to bring his musical ideas to.

Boom befriended Daveoramma 6.0 of Azure/The Watchmen in 1991 to fill in guitar voids on a handful of tracks (for both bands). With Boom’s growing involvement, The Watchmen went from catchy-‘elektro mad’ to down-right sinister, transitioning from song-titles like “Redemption” to “Plague” as well as changing their moniker to Society Burning.

Using Society Burning as his full time music vehicle, Boom spent most days working in software houses and print shops and most nights in the studios in Denver, Colorado. The band signed with the infamous Re-constriction records (a subsidiary of Cargo Records) in 1995. The band released the “premix” CD Entropy Lingua and their debut Tactiq a year later.

After Tactiq, Boom extended his reach into the musical community by remixing tracks for several bands in the underground electronic and industrial genre, including Leaether Strip (Coming Up for Air {Leather.Wav} on Yes-I’m Limited Vol. III in 1998 and Carry Me (Phoenix Mix) in 2000), Purr Machine, Battery, and Idiot Stare.

Currently, Boom has been releasing audio under his own label Audiocomm International Publishing, mostly exploring tech step and electro, fusing this with a decidedly rock/metal bend. Boom also releases under the moniker Veev, normally reserved for more ambient and experimental audio.

Boom chr Paige: www.boomchrpaige.com

Society Burning: www.societyburning.com