«butsenzeller» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

Butsenzeller is the robotic solo alter ego of Geert ‘Bootsie’ Budts. Drummer as a main profession in bands as DAAU, Kapitein Winokio, Dóttir Slonza, A Clean Kitchen Is A Happy Kitchen (with Craig Ward) etc…dj and electronaut as a side occupation.

After a few self released cd’s, countless dj-sets on festivalstages, boyscoutparties, weddings, artshows and funerals, Butsenzeller released the LP ‘Natt’ on Dutch label Wharf Records.

A Highly acclaimed album with reviews and interviews in Oor, Rifraf, Gazet Van Antwerpen, Cucamonga, Cutting Edge, Stage, …e.a. The song ‘No reason’ made it to Humo’s Arriba lijst for a couple of weeks and got airplay on Studio Brussels (Belgian National Radio)

To promote the album, Butsenzeller finally started to perform live aswell. With laptop, bass, drums and voices he tries to move, confuse and make you dance. For some too eclectic, for Butsenzeller himself, the only logical choice; a short circuit between the positronic databrain in a weltschmerz mood and a human body that is genetically destined to party…overall the emotions of life itself…here you go !!!!

Order ‘Natt’ vinyl and the new EP ‘Positronic Perception’ (on limited edition 3 inch CD) through http://www.wharfrecords.com

in the UK through http://www.jezusfactory.com

Digital on http://butsenzeller.bandcamp.com and also on iTunes !!!!!

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