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C. Gibbs (full name Christian Gibbs) is an American singer and songwriter originally from San Diego, California, now based in Brooklyn, NY. He was a member of Jim Thirlwell's band Foetus, played guitar in Modern English, fronted the rock trio Morning Glories and pursued a solo career when signing to Atlantic Records for one album in 1999. In 2006 Christian Gibbs formed the chamber-rock group Lucinda Black Bear.


  • 1999 29 Over Me (album) (Atlantic)
  • 1999 Sincerity's Ground (album) (Earth Music)
  • 2002 Pinkerman Set (album) (Rubric)
  • 2005 Parade of Small Horses (album) (Rubric)
  • 2007 Capo My Heart & Other Bear Songs (album) (Eastern Spurs/Irascible)
  • 2010 Medicine Bag (album) (Eastern Spurs/Irascible)
  • 2011 Knives (album) (Eastern Spurs)
  • 2012 Parody's Pal (EP) (Eastern Spurs)
  • 2013 Sleep The Machines (album) (Eastern Spurs)


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