«Canyons» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

3 artists with this name: 1) DJ/producer duo Leo Holiday and Ryan Sea-mist, better known as the collective unit Canyons, originally hail from Perth but now call Sydney home. With a debut record on the horizon and a slew of releases spread across labels from A Hole In The Sky to DFA, Canyons have been causing ripples in the house music pond with their unique flavour of eclectic genre-defying, good time-guaranteed tunes. 2) Heavy hardcore from Marshall, Missouri. Canyons is Four Guys Loud Amps and Oooh that Smell. Though they smoke alot of Pot, they stay busy putting out releases left and right… Playing a dirty type of Hardcore they could easily be transplants to the Louisville area. Preferring to rock floors rather than stages. DIY is the Ethic. They take nothing for granted. Be on the look out for a slew of releases in 2010. 7” split with Mons Wolff out now on Mayfly Records, The Rufus Collection is a Free Download, Can’t Have Nothin’ Nice (Tigon/ Foreign Theaters 3 way split) recently released on Mayfly / Melotov / The Ghost Is Clear Records. check www.myspace.com/canyonsrock www.canyonsrock.blogspot.com for dates. 3) Swedish dancehall band (Danseband) Please se much more information on the Swedish language page: http://www.lastfm.se/music/Canyons?setlang=sv or Canyons official web page http://www.canyons.se