«Captain Compost» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

It all started at the end of the year 2000,

when three high school friends (Meerse, Piere & Fré)engaged in a rather disastrous first gig at a school free stage. Not much later, Pype and Brecht teamed up. Finally, we found a long-searched for bass player in Koene.

The first two demos were recorded in the following two years, and a whole series of small shows were played, some of them more successful than others.

After a while, a few bigger shows followed. In 2003 for example , we played Boscorock in Kortrijk and Novarock in Heule, thus sharing the bill with bands like The Heideroosjes, Camden, De Mens, Five Days Off, …

2004 was a rather turbulent year in wich we made our first full length “Those were the days”. Times were certainly changing for us, we got that right… Due to certain differences, Piere was asked to leave the band.

Giving up, however, has never been in our dictionary. We found a new band member in Lexe, who blended in just perfectly. We kept on playing shows and writing songs. Not much later, singer Fré left the band.From then on, Koene has taken up the lead vocals.

2005, besides a new start , meant a bunch of bigger shows throughout the land. We played with bands such as Janez Detd at The Kreun , made it to the semi-finals of West-talent (a well-know talent competition), and played some big festivals like Novarock 2006.

In the meantime, due to lack of time, trumpet player Brecht quit. But we added three (!) extra people to the band’s roster: Bjitte (trombone), Mulle (Trumpet) and Lorre (Trumpet). With a more prominent brass section than ever, this was bound to leave its mark on the music. Which it did.

Starting July 2006, a second full length was recorded. It took a whole lot of work and effort, but the result is “Stories”, released on February 17 2007. Besides a fully sold out release party at De Kreun, a whole lot of great shows are confirmed or being confirmed for the next months (e.g. Nachten van de Jukte, Boscorock, …)

As you can see, CC is ready to rock in the year 2007 and afterwards!

See you at one of our shows!