«Chaos Con Queso» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

Chaos Con Queso was a so-called nintendocore band from a place in a culturally devoid upstate New York city called Schenectady (51h8).

Kevin sings, screams, and sweats profusely. Davegunn plays cheap synth keyboards and complains a lot. Trevor guitar-solos, axe-grinds, and spins his long metally hair. Davey Jones hits his drums too hard and breaks things. Stephen plays the cello and talks with his hands a lot. Dave plays the bass, uses effect pedals a lot, and screams his lungs out in the background.

Along with being one of the only bands in the local music scene trying to do something different, exciting, fun, and original, they’re also probably the poorest. They all come from extremely different musical backgrounds and it’s kinda evident in each of their songs, which almost always sound different from each other. Hating bands who are fake assholes, they try to be as genuine as possible: They answer all messages and comments by hand, sell all their merch for as cheap as possible, use all the money they make to make more merch, and always try to make friends with their listeners and the bands we play with. They also try to provide a VERY energetic live show, because they like to have fun and want you to have fun, too. They’ve been a band for about two years now and have played a buncha shows, opened for some bands they really love (HORSE the band, Fair To Midland, Trophy Scars, Red Light Green Light, Robot Goes Here, Karate High School, Secret Lives of the Free Masons), recorded and released.