«Chino Grande» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

Chino Grande has been very active in the street rap scene for many years now. Featuring in different albums and dropping his own albums threw out the years. With his dedication and his love for what he does he came across a chance to create his own group “Charlie Row Campo” . So he did just that, The campo consist of real soldiers from the streets who bring there lifestyle to anybody’s cd deck. This artist has much to give as far as talent goes. With all the hype going around of this artist people have no idea that Chino Grande’s peak has not been reached yet. He has a lot more to offer so sit back and watch a product explode that has been nurturing for man years now. Chino Grande has much respect in the streets in all aspects of the game. Be on the look out for his new solo album from Urban kings Music Group. More info at urbankingsinc.com to get his albums and posters.