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Chris Russel aka Chris Russell’s Chicken Walk play low down, down home, Juke Joint blues.

Barely seven months after the release of the debut (self-titled) album, Chris Russell’s Chicken Walk return with Shakedown, their second swinging expedition deep into the hypnotic boogie of Northern Mississippi juke joints.

Cementing their reputation as the hardest working blues combo in the country, 2013 has already seen Chicken Walk receive the famed golden boot at Golden Plains, tour the nation twice with Tony Joe White and Clairy Browne & the Bangin’ Rackettes, as well as share stages with everyone from Jimmy Cliff to Santana to Gary Clark Jr.

Somehow amongst all of this, the irrepressible combo found time to write and record album number two. Whereas the first album was famously built on the foundation of a mere handful of shows, Shakedown sees a road-matured Chicken Walk displaying a newfound focus and heartworn confidence, propelled by the extramural themes of shining sun, pouring rain, rivers, roads and trains.

Effortlessly charged, Shakedown finds Chicken Walk delivering a richer, fuller sound and more exploratory songwriting. The hard-luck baladeering of ‘Someday My Sun Gonna Shine’ provides a tender counterpoint to the driving, elemental crowd favourites ‘(Somebody Call The) Po’Po’’ and ‘Bad Motherfucker’, whilst still displaying all the charm and wit synonymous with a Chicken Walk live show.

Each song was recorded in only two takes; all live, honest and shimmering with the personality of the players. Chris’ swagger and (recently departed drummer) Dean’s sense of style delivering the one-two punch as natural and unforced as the land around them. Or in Chris’ words ‘real, living music’.

What makes Russell so captivating is his ability to breeze through the quite intricate songs without breaking a sweat

- Madeleine O’Gorman, Unpaved

There’s NO other combo in Town doing or even coming close to their ‘BLUES-POWER’ live. That’s why, they’re not just my fave two-piece in Rock-City… but, the ROCK ‘n’ ROLL WORLD! BOOGIE ON !!!

- Max Crawdaddy, “Son of Crawdaddy” RRRfm

Chicken Walk is equally at home in a back Mississippi juke joint and a back-alley Melbourne bar and I know ’cause I’ve seen the Chicken fly in both of ‘em. It’s dirty music, buried up to the neck in Mississippi mud and empty VB tine. It’ll make you holler and moan and get down with your bad self.

- Matt Frederick, “The Juke Joint” PBSfm

If these guys were from Sth Chicago instead of St.Kilda, they would probably be signed to Alligator Records and be hailed as the next Black Keys”

- Jeff Glorfeld, The Age EG

A fantastic example of blues rock at its best from two talented musicians. I love it.

- Claire Stuchbery, PBSfm

Modern people doing blues 99.9% of the time utterly shits me, but Chris Russell – man, that dude evidently lives, breathes, loves & respects that stuff, makes the audience love and respect the music along with him. Aint no ‘style’ thing for him.

- SPG, Mess and Noise

One of Melbourne’s best kept secrets … the album is a ripper.

- Mary Mihelakos, The Age EG

…”a perfect recreation of their live, dirty sound to enjoy at any time- crank it in the morning or late at night and let the deep sound and reverb soothe and shake your senses…

Amen brothers and sisters, the Chicken Walks!!”

- Amy, Tinderbox, Voicefm Ballarat

in any list of two or three stunning albums of 2012, a unique gutbucket blues sound, superbly realized from start to end. Yes, it’s that good!

- Alex Wheaton, Db Magazine

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