«Ciribus» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

Ciribus is a dynamic death metal act that was formed in 1998 with Austin Spence, Aaron Johnson, and Luie Gamboa. In late 97’ Austin Spence & Luie Gamboa left Los Angeles and decided to move up to northern California. They then met up with guitarist Aaron Johnson and Sage Behnke.There intent was to create an original sounding death metal band and build a scene in a place where there was none to begin with. There first demo, “Crossing the river Styx,” was recorded in 1998. Many shows later; 1 year after the demo release, Sage Behnke decided to leave the band for personal reasons. CIRIBUS then added Gabriel Lopez to the lineup, a temporary session vocalist for the months to come. Their 1st release “decimation is inevitable” recorded in 2000 (w/ session vocalist) landed them a spot with a small label called BRUTAL SOUND RECORDS. The release was well received amongst the underground death metal scene. They got great reviews in worldwide publications such as METAL MANIACS, PIT MAGAZINE, S.O.D. MAGAZINE, and also placed ads in many other magazines. They started to develop a following after touring California 3 times in 1999 and getting radio airplay on college radio stations. After building a respectable following from the 1st release they decided to record a 2nd titled “septic regurgitant”.This time around the vocals on this recording would be sung by Aaron Johnson & Luie Gamboa with the lyrics written by John Helvete (singer,songwriter) This release really popped out amongst the death metal underground. Their unique style of technical death grind, hypnotic tempo paces, and distorted perceptions of jazz quickly carved their niche in the metal scene; the release was later picked up by ZOMBIEFLESH RECORDS. This is exactly what CIRIBUS needed; a label that could pay for tours, distribute to stores and radio, and promote them in a bigger and better way. In early 2002 CIRIBUS added singer/front man Johnny Helvete to the line up. His unmatched stage presence and vocal capabilities helped with putting on a great live show. CIRIBUS is now playing with their favorite bands and getting great shows. They have shared the same stage with bands such as EXHUMED, SEPSISM, INFAMY, KRABATHOR, SKITZO, BANE, and too many others to mention. Currently Ciribus is broken up with, and members have gone to join Death Metal Masters MUMMIFICATION and EMBRYONIC DEVOURMENT.