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Scott Sturgis is a Seattle, USA-based music producer, best known for his power noise/rhythmic noise project Converter. The harsh and distorted sounds of Converter were influenced by noise music and artists featured on the Ant-Zen record label. He has since released material on both Ant-Zen and its imprint label Hymen Records.


Sturgis was involved with electro-industrial band Pain Station when he began work on Converter as a side-project in March 1998. Sturgis has since been quoted as saying "Both projects are pretty equal in my eyes and neither one takes precedence over the other right now. Of course, if you ask me which project is more fun to work on, I'd tell you it's Converter." Up until Exit Ritual (made on a Roland MC-909), Sturgis used only an Ensoniq ASR-10 keyboard/sampler to produce music. Sturgis has also worked under the aliases DBS, Notime, and Lowness.



  • Coma LP (1999, Hymen Records)
  • Shock Front CD (1999, Ant-Zen)
  • Blast Furnace CD (2000, Ant-Zen)
  • FirebloomING LP (2000, Hymen Records)
  • Erode with Asche and Morgenstern, EP (2001, Ant-Zen)
  • Exit Ritual CD (2003, Ant-Zen)
  • Expansion 1.3 EP (Compilation, 2003, Ant-Zen)
  • Expansion Pack 1.10 10" Vinyl (Compilation, 2003, Ant-Zen)
  • Divider E.P. with Klima, EP (2005, Kellermusik Records)
  • Expansion Pack 2.0 LP/2CD (Compilation, 2005, Ant-Zen)

Pain Station

  • Anxiety CD (1996, Decibel)
  • Disjointed CD (1997, COP International)
  • Cold CD (1999, COP International)
  • Dead Is Dead CD (2001, COP International)


  • Hetandu / Japan's Northern Territories In The Hands Of Moscow 7" (2000, Fusion Audio Recordings, split with R4)
  • Split Release CD (2001, Fusion Audio Recordings, split with R4, ltd. to 500 copies)


  • Living Planet CD-R (2002, Auricle Media)
  • Dying Planet CD-R (2002, Auricle Media)


  • In A Haze CDEP (2004, positron!)

Not a recording of the live set on Jan. 8, 2004 at the Rendezvous, as some believe it to be. The tracks on the CD are played live, but during the studio rehearsal before the Rendezvous show. I didn't know if I'd be able to get a recording of the actual live set that night so I recorded a pre-show run through at home just before I had to leave. I think the live set sounded better, but oh well. -s.s.


  • Undertow CD (2010, Ant-Zen)

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