«Csaba Onczay» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

The band was formed in 1993 in Portugal by three friends who wanted to explore different musical approaches - José Nave and Pedro Temporão are the original members. This trio played instrumental music for some time, trying to define some musical orientation, wich however would be based on electronics. Soon Cristina Martins joined the band and “CELLO” was formed.

The first demo quickly raised the interest of a portuguese independent label, Symbiose, who signed the band for a three records deal. In the same year the first album, “Alva” (1993) , was released. Critics didn’t hesitate to point to CELLO a place in the portuguese music scene, as a “promissing band”, although still looking for a more personalised sound.

The internationalization goal was present right from the begining. The earliest CELLO compositions and, specially, the use of french lyrics, convinced the band about the good chances of an international carreer in some european countries. This goal was somehow achieved with the first album and consolidated with the second, “À L’Ombre Du Temps” (1995). These records had an international destribution through the “independent circuit” - Germany, Italy, France, Belgium, Holand, Greece, México, Hong Kong, etc… Between 1994 and 1997 the band’s releases received good critics and program radios pointed them out as well. The participation on international compilations, side by side with the hype of the alternative european scene - bands like The Young Gods, Bel Canto, Miranda Sex Garden, In The Nursery, Von Magnet, Chandeen, Sleeping Dogs Wake… - would also help CELLO’s internationalization process.

In Portugal the band gradually conquered new fans as well, along the music work and the intense live presentations. They toured all over the countrie, passing through the main stages, suporting sometimes foreign bands - Cocteau Twins, Red House Painters, Sol Invictus… By the other side, the band would gather media unanimity through out the years: albums, EP’s, singles were considered “quality releases” - some would be elected among the best portugueses records.

And after five long working years, plus a label change, the band presents the brand new album “Long Voyage” (2000). Eleven electro-rock/pop songs mixing an exciting combination of raw intensity and dizzy frailty… «CELLO’s best album», many say. Again, it would be considered among last year’s best portuguese releases.

On April the 14th 2003, CELLO released a new album “Après_MIDI - bite beats, enhanced sounds & byte blocks”. In the begining, “Après_MIDI…” was intended to be “just” a remix álbum, a compilation of previousely released material combined with new remixes. But after continued delays, imposed by the previous record label, a new concept was designed and the band decided to go further by making new - non pop - convencional Cello - material inspired by those remixes. This aproach gave the recording more depth and unity and the result is a surprising electro-moody ambiance. “Après_MIDI…” is, in fact, a “different” record on Cello’s discography. It celebrates the band’s decade of music creation.

The band ended in early 2003, after 4 albums recorded.