«Dal★Shabet» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

Dal★Shabet (달샤벳) is a six-member South Korean girl group created by E-Tribe through their label Happy Face Entertainment. The members include Serri, Ah Young, Jiyul, Woohee, GaEun and Subin.

2011; Debut, “Pink Rocket” & “Bling Bling”

On January 3, 2011, Dal★Shabet released their debut music video “Supa Dupa Diva”. Promotions for “Supa Dupa Diva” began on January 6, 2011, on M! Countdown. The song proved to be quite successful, as it topped many real time and music station charts for the majority of its promotional period. The song was later voted upon by various celebrities in a survey and was crowned as the second most addictive song of 2011, as well as having the second most popular choreography.

On April 5, 2011, concept photos for Dal★Shabet’s first comeback track “핑크 로켓 (Pink Rocket)” were revealed. The concept, dubbed ‘rocket girls’, showed a more elegant and feminine side to the group. On April 13, 2011, the full-length music video to “Pink Rocket” was released. Promotions for “Pink Rocket” began the following day on M! Countdown.

On August 2, 2011, it was announced that Dal★Shabet would be making a ‘funky’ comeback. On August 10, 2011, Dal★Shabet unleashed their music video to “블링블링 (Bling Bling)”. Promotions for “Bling Bling” began on August 12, 2011, on Music Bank. The song proved to be their most successful yet, as it managed to break the Gaon Chart’s ‘Top Ten’.

2012; “Hit U (feat. Bigtone)”, line-up changes & “Mr. BangBang”

On January 8, 2012, it was revealed that the members of Dal★Shabet would be undergoing a dramatic and powerful transformation for their fourth mini-album. On January 17, 2012, a dramatic music video teaser for Hit U (feat. Bigtone) was released. Promotions for “Hit U (feat. Bigtone)” began on January 26, 2012, on M! Countdown. The full-length music video and mini-album were digitally and physically released the following day. The album went on to top the physical portion of Gaon Chart, securing Dal★Shabet’s first number one album.

On May 22, 2012, it was confirmed that the group would be releasing their first studio album on June 6, 2012. The group held a showcase in celebration of the release on June 5, 2012, at Seoul’s ‘CGV Cinecity’s M Cube’. Three days later, a tracklist for the album was released, confirming the album’s name to be ‘BANG BANG’.

On May 23, 2012, is was announced that Viki would be leaving the group to continue her career as a solo artist. She was be replaced with new member Woohee before the group had their comeback. It was later confirmed by a spokesperson for Dal★Shabet’s agency that Serri would be taking the position of leader.

On June 1, 2012, an introduction teaser featuring Woohee dancing to Beyoncé’s “Freakum Dress” was released. On June 6, 2012, the full-length music video and album were released. Promotions for “Mr. BangBang” began on M! Countdown the following day. Promotions for “Mr. BangBang” ended on the July 28, 2012, broadcast of ‘Music Core’. The group will be taking a short break to focus on individual activities before indulging in their next round of promotions.


Serri (세리) - Leader

* Real Name - Park Miyeon (박미연)

* Birthdate - September 16th, 1990 (21)

* Height - 165CM (5’4”)

* Weight - 48KG (105LBS)

* Blood Type - B

* Education - Dong Duk Women’s University

* Hobbies - Music & Dancing

* Group Position - Main Vocalist & Lead Dancer

* Was a live backup dancer for Nassun & G.O’s “O-IWI-O”.

A Young (아영)

* Name - Cho Ja Young (조자영)

* Birthdate - May 26th, 1991 (21)

* Height - 166CM (5’4”)

* Weight - 47KG (103LBS)

* Blood Type - O

* Education - Dong Duk Women’s University

* Hobbies - Greek / Roman Mythology, Dancing & Movies

* Group Position - Vocalist

* Had a part in the musical ‘Nonsense’.

* Had a part in the play ‘Amnesia Nurse’.

Jiyul (지율)

* Name - Yang Jung Yoon (양정윤)

* Birthdate - July 30th, 1991 (20)

* Height - 165CM (5’4”)

* Weight - 51KG (112LBS)

* Blood Type - AB

* Education - Don Duk Women’s University

* Hobbies - Street Dance

* Group Position - Vocalist & Lead Dancer

* Fluent in English.

* Was a live backup dancer for Nassun & G.O’s “O-IWI-O”.

Woohee (우희)

* Real Name - Bae Woohee (배우희)

* Birthdate - November 21, 1991 (20)

* Height - 164CM (5’3”)

* Blood Type - AB

* Education - Dongah Institute of Media and Art

* Group Position - Vocalist

* Former Medialine Trainee

* Was supposed to debut with Viva Girls

* Was a dancer for Lee Jung’s “Let’s Dance” MV

KaEun (가은)

* Name - Cho Ka Eun (조가은)

* Birthdate - July 28th, 1992 (20)

* Height - 172CM (5’7”)

* Weight - 47KG (103LBS)

* Blood Type - A

* Education - Seoul Arts College (Currently Attending)

* Hobbies - Modeling & Fashion Magazines

* Group Position - Lead Rapper & Vocalist

* She was a model for Project Runway Korea.

* She was a model for Ceci Magazine in 2010.

* She currently attends Seoul National University of Arts.

* She receives constant praise for her ‘perfect body’ by netizens.

* She was an extra in 2PM & SNSD’s ‘Caribbean Bay’ CF in 2010.

* She was a runway model for the Suecomma Bonnie show in 2010.

Subin (수빈)

* Name - Park Subin (박수빈)

* Birthdate - February 12th, 1994 (18)

* Height - 175CM (5’8”)

* Weight - 50KG (110LBS)

* Blood Type - AB

* Education - Chuncheon High School (Still Attending)

* Hobbies - Photography & Singing

* Group Position - Maknae & Lead Vocalist

* Has a modeling contract with GV2.

* Was a model in Taeyang’s “I Need A Girl” music video.

* Was a model in Seoul and lived alone, despite being only 15.

Former Members:

Viki (비키) - Former Leader

* Real Name - Kang Eun Hye (강은혜)

* Nickname: Victoria

* Birthdate - March 28th, 1988 (23)

* Height - 172CM (5’7”)

* Weight - 50KG (110LBS)

* Blood Type - AB

* Education - Dong Duk Women’s University

* Hobbies - Movies, Dancing, Rapping & Singing

* Group Position - Leader, Main Rapper, Main Dancer & Vocalist

* Was a member of project group A-Force

* Former back up dancer for Jewelry, Seo InYoung, V.O.S

* Was a live backup dancer for Nassun & G.O’s “O-IWI-O”.

* Was a trainee under Star Empire Entertainment for 5 years.

* Former member of Nine Muses, prior to the group official debut.