«De Mont» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

De Mont was an energetic Glam Metal band from Sydney that formed in 1989. They were hard-working and cultivated a commercial look and sound but ultimately failed to gain popularity outside of a dedicated following. De Mont supported the likes of Ian Moss and also Mötley Crüe but were unable to translate their live energy successfully to vinyl. The group eventually split in 1991, with a live album released about a year later.

Wilner was later with Platinum Brunette.


Craig Morrison (vocals)

Rod Wilner (drums)

Terry Mandryk (guitar)

Grant Bryne (bass)

Peter James (keys, guitar)



1989 Body Language Giant

1992 R.I.P.ped M


1989 I Want Your Body Giant

1989 Close to the Edge Giant

1990 So Easy Giant