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Dead Easy is a 1970 Australian film.


A student of criminology is completing a thesis on Melbourne mass murderers. With the aid of a German professor he visits the scenes of the crimes of Frederick Deeming, Norman List, Arnold Sodeman and Edward Leonski and reconstructs them. One day the students visits the professor and sees him attacked by two strangers. The professor knifes one of the men.


  • Peter Carmody as the student
  • Kurt Beimelas the professor
  • Anna Raknes as the girlfriend
  • Peter Cummins as the stranger
  • David Car as a stranger
  • Martin Phelan as camerman
  • Brian Davies as friend
  • Bruce Spence as friend
  • Shirley Carr
  • Alan Finney


The film was shot in January 1970 in and around Melbourne. It received a limited release.


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