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Dear Diary is a Detroit-based rock band that has wasted no time in establishing themselves as a legitimate and respected musical act; Since their formation in late December of 2009, they have defined themselves by a rock-solid work ethic, catchy hooks and technical musical arrangements, and some of the most energetic and fun live performances one will witness.

Formed from previous members of notable acts, Dear Diary is no stranger to the stage. They are a group with experience in a variety of styles who all share the same love for high-energy, feel-good rock music. After recording at the pilot studio with producer Rob Freeman

(Hit The Lights, Cobra Starship), the guys have been traveling near and far to let people know what they are all about. “The goal is simple:

We want to make people dance,” says Siers, “It’s all about making people feel good.” The group has made huge gains considering the short period of time they have been around. Their love for getting to know their fans, as well as their musical talents have landed them a new record deal, and national radio play on 600 major fm stations across the country, in addition to many xm stations as well.

Get ready to check them out on tour in 2011, and prepare for the release of their EP, Caution: Contents May Be Hot, in the very near future.

“So many guys let circumstances and egos get the best of them, and it becomes very easy to lose sight of what’s really important,” explains Dameron when asked about Dear Diary’s probable longevity, “We love each other, we love the music we make, and above all else, we love making people feel amazing through that music. We will do whatever it takes to keep doing that.” Principe closes by adding, “Music is an essential part of the soul, yet the least recognized. Anyone who has found emotional refuge in a song or just knows what it feels like to be truly alive will understand exactly what Dear Diary is all about.”