«Dice Motion» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

In Boston, MA, Fall 2009, Blinding Sparks convoluted together at a regular home studio and gave birth to a Livid Tectonic Plate Moving Soulmerging Sound.

This sound is the Sonoric Fusion of producers Joel Friedman & WigGz Caro interacting with Ableton Live from night to sunrise on any given day.

On the next day, the Monstrous Frankenstein that emerged from the bass heavy speakers became known as Dice Motion.

Combining a melting pot of influences of Dubstep, Glitch, Electro, House, Folk, and etc…, this duo stays true to the Electronic Music Tradition of blurring genre lines and staying true to themselves on only one thing, INNER MOVING MUSIC.

Music that mirrors a universal inspiration.

Music that shakes your bones with hypnotizing Sub woofer voodoo.

Music that can be performed to audiences a different way for every unique moment lived.

Music that merges all languages into the one we dance in unison.

With the Energetic Perfomances and Organic feel for Dancefloor Climaxes,

the duo seeks to expand their message to as many parts of the world possible and

remind the listener a celebration of Life and a good time all the time with a Unified Mind.

“With a exponentially fast moving world we live in today, any part of your lifetime spent enjoying our music makes our hard work and efforts go beyond itself and makes our Souls shine Through to create even more. If our music makes anyone positively think differently in any way,

then we’ve done our job as Artists…Let’s just Keep the Vibe Alive to Add Gas on the Fire of Daily Living.”


Enjoy the Motion