«Die! Goldstein» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

“DIE! GOLDSTEIN” is a unipersonal project formed by Diego Mart who is trying to create a new approach in music. “DIE! GOLDSTEIN” feeds of darkness of Post-Punk; of atmosphere of David Lynch’s movies; of futurist present of books like 1984 or “A Brave New World”; of lies of politicians; of experimentation of Indietronica; or of the effort of making emotions of Post-rock. In 2008, he signed Fluttery Records where he catalogued with the bands like A Journey Down The Well and Marche La Void.

DIE! GOLDSTEIN wants to report to those poweful beings that instil fear to society to deprive it of freedom later. To those who believe that causing chaos will make a new Order.