«Die Schatten» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips


The music of DIE SCHATTEN is not to describe with a style of popular names and tags. They even describe the music as a Dark-Mystic-Pop. The special feature is the mix of floating synthesizer sounds, unusual samples and powerful guitar combined with special german lyrics. DIE SCHATTEN process influences in the music from alternative pop, trip hop, electronic and classical music. The darkly romantic symbolism of DIE SCHATTEN texts differs from the average of other German Dark Wave or Rock bands. Music and lyrics (in German!) creates an atmosphere filled with feelings of sadness, anger and thoughtfulness. The albums presents quite versatile, from danceable rhythms to experimental songs, there is a lot to hear. Since the appearance of Estuans Interius the music of DIE SCHATTEN has heavily developed. In May 2000, they have recorded the song Jade and published it on they homepage. Then we disappeared a long time in the shadows of our self … 2009: DIE SCHATTEN just quits a long artistic creation break and working on new material. On this occasion DIE SCHATTEN have published the old music again (on jamendo). Finally the new album Solanum has been released in july 2009.