«Dieu Christ» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

Vocal: 葵 リョウ (Ryo Aoi)

→ ジオ(RYO) → Ark → Dieu Christ → Nineth Eriot(Ryoichi) → Blood×boneS

Guitar: 神都城 優貴 (Yuki Kamizuki)

→ サファイア → Mysterium(Yuki) → Ark → Dieu Christ → Noah

Bass: 如月 鏡ニ (Kyoji Kisaragi)

→ Dieu Christ → Bunny(Kyoji Kimura) →

Former Members:

Guitar: 冰篝 鬨 (Toki Mikagari)
Kamju:(鬨) → Dieu Christ → dummy children(サポート/鬨/鬨-Toki-) → Chaplin#nine(Toki) → Nineth Eriot

Formed in 2001 with リョウ, 優貴 and 鏡ニ in Hiroshima. On March 2002, 鬨 joins. On August 8th, they release their first distribution CD, Re-born -sacred promise-. On Christmas of that year, they release a demo, Adam&Eve.

鬨 leaves less than a year later on February 28, 2003 due to personal reasons. The band releases a second demo, -月誓詩-, on March 27. They would go on to release two more distribution CDs (幻想「Love me」 on April 24, 2003 and Solitude on January 27, 2004) and a mini-album with no known title (popularly called 解散ライブ販売 or ‘breakup live sale’) with their disbandment on July 29, 2004.