«DJ Divsa» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

With such a unique and captivating style, it is no surprise that DJ DIVSA is not only becoming a household name, but a heavyweight in the music industry. Performing in clubs spanning 4 continents and innumerable countries, DJ DIVSA truly is one of the world’s most talented and well versed DJs. Nominated for Mixtape of the Year, Toronto DJ of the Year, and many other awards, it is understandable why fans demand him for regular appearances in some of the finest Clubs in North America. In addition to Guest Appearances, DJ DIVSA has an impressive list of weekly Nightclub Residencies built over the 10+ years he has been in the industry.

A favorite among most for his undeniable talent spanning many genres including Hip Hop, R&B, House, Electro, Reggae, Soca, Mash-up, Top 40 and Dance, his mixtapes have proven to stand the test of time. Collision Course, (2008/2009) has proven to be a breakout hit infusing a myriad of genres in a style second to none. His tribute to the urban scene in Bring it Back (2007) is still on heavy rotation nearly 3 years later. When you combine these with his No Strings Attached and Blind Temptation series, it is easy to see that not only does he have incredible versatility, but depth that can only come from a true passion for music.

The key to DJ DIVSA’s success has been his undeniable passion for music combined with his eternal desire to push the envelope in every project he undertakes. His unparalleled ear for music only accentuates an already phenomenal skill set. Included in this is not only his talent on the tables, but his ability to gauge a crowd like no other, ensuring not just music, but a musical experience not to be soon forgotten. His versatility allows him to maintain his position as an industry leader, ahead of trends and styles alike. When combined with his professionalism, his ability to cater to all crowds, and genuine love of performing, DJ DIVSA is undeniably here to stay.

DJ DIVSA has performed for a wide array of audiences, ranging from an audience of 10 000+ in Mexico to some of the largest political parties in Canada. DJ DIVSA’s strong background and ability to create mixes that all music lovers enjoy has made him one of the most brilliant Deejays in the industry.