«DJ Nikola» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

DJ Nikola’s real name is Nikola Kovacevic. He was born in Pozega, country of Croatia (Europe), 13. September 1983. He started his career as a DJ Producer, songwriter and remixer in year 2004. But story of him in music came much before then he was 9 years old. He played his first songs on friends sound keyboard. In the year 1994 he started to attend music school lessons for acoustic guitar, behind his decide, but not for long. Nikola has realized that this is not the way he wanted to go in music, playing only guitar, so he quit guitar education lessons and start to search other ways to expres himself in music.

As the years go by, he finally made a starting points at the year 2001. going on music softwer for producing music and building his own music studio. Six years he waited to bring inspirations to make music, and that days has finally come.

Now he is working on singles, remixes with a little help of promotion the singles 2005 has get from popular Italian DJ, DJ Cerla who is also known as Floorfilla together with Momo B. He had his own official website (blog) for 4 years (2004-2008) before opening http://www.djnikola.com , publishing his singles free for download since the begining. One of his first best RMX singles in the begining was DISCO:ROLLER from Floorfilla in OSM (Open source projects) in the year 2005.

Thanks to DJ Cerla/Floorfilla and his website DJ Nikola made first brakeout to clubs collabing with Switzerland producer and his friend iVAS in the end of year 2004 with a single “CRO RAVE” announced that single in 1st month in year 2005. DJ Nikola and iVAS tribute that single to Floorfilla. DJ Cerla/Floorfilla published that single on his official website and today counts over tons of Downloads.

In the year 2006., back to 06. month, he finished DJ Academy sucessfully, in Osijek (Croatia) to foward his professionality in DJ-ing in cooperration with the best DJ’s in Croatia… :) Now, his again on production work, giving a love to music and melody and thanking for all who supports him. Also there is a cooperations with radiodeejay from Zagreb, the first Croatian Internet Radio Station, new works on singles with French producers and other producers around the europe on new singles and ofcourse with OSM projects from Floorfilla. He also works on his own singles, own projects.