«DJ Retraffic» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

DJ Retraffic is a new young talent in DJing from Germany.

When he was five he started to play the piano. But after four years of playing folk songs, he realized what he really was made for: Electronic Music.

For a long time he made experiences with creating music without instruments.

When he was 17 he took a holiday with a group of teenagers. That’s nothing special, but directly after this holiday he bought his first turntables. This was caused by the resident DJ of the hotel. Retraffic did not like the way he mixed the music. So he decided to train so hard that no one could ever think of him the way he thought of those DJ.

From that moment on he published a lot of mixes, which he did not bring to market, but which are loved by many people.