«Double Stone Washed» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

1991 - Creation of the group and first concerts in Bordeaux and with Jimmy Cricketters, underground scenes of the Port of the Moon.

1994 - “Take It”, They recorded a 9 song CD presented in a true faded jeans pocket, and dedicated it to Lee Brilleaux of Dr. Feelgood, emblematic group of the British pub rock, and guitarist Mick Green and Pete Townshend’s mentor Wilko Johnson.

1996 - Time after time, they provide an efficient and backing band for noted Bill Hurley of Inmates (UK).

2000 - The trophy awarded to Louis Jouvet in Paris SIEL by entertainers (and UFIDA SONO MAGAZINE) reward for their concept of sound.

2001 - Outside Records label includes two supercharged interpretations of Dr Feelgood on a compiling Brilleaux Tribute to Lee.

2002 - The album “Don’t Stop Washing”, proves that this travelin’ band has soul and energy to spare. The repertoire is enriched with new creations.

2004 - Recorded live at the opening of the legendary Ten Years After at the festival in Traverse Blues Cleon in Normandy. This Live, 12 tracks of glowing fire ship, causing the fire of the blues and seeks evidence to blast rock in a posture.

2005 - Finalist springboard was Blues sur Seine in Mantes la Jolie, and the first major European tour of clubs and Festivals.

2006 - Jimmy the Gun, under the DSW program is the Bordeaux Rock CD compilation recounting their past decade.

2007 - Denis Fouquet, author of Bordeaux Rock (s) from 1960 to 2005, devotes a page in the midst of this veritable encyclopedia of Bordeaux rock .

2007 - Tours in Switzerland, Belgium and Holland.

2007 - The highly successful release of their eponymous album “Double Stone Washed” (12 original compositions) distributed by Music Mosaic, was received by enthusiastic press and organizers. Currently they fiercely defend this album on stage with the qualities they are now known for. Concerts and albums, fully restore the beautiful state of mind of the group, which draws from the road leading from the legendary blues and rock’n’roll. Rock & blues to soul in the bones!

2008 - New projects with the arrival of Thierry Derigon (ex Gamine and Stilletos), drummer with many artistic talents.

Real “road-runners” of the pub rock blues scene, hexagonal activists Double Stone Washed has in fifteen years of existence, over a thousand concerts to their credit, not less. Other posters shared with Dr. Feelgood, Flamin ‘Groovies, Eddie & the Hot Roads, Dogs, The Pretty Things, Kingsnakes, Little Bob, Ten Years After … , They fall into the category of super groups.

With a first album “Take It” recorded in 1994 dedicated to Lee Brilleaux and presented in a true pocket “jeans” washed, followed by “Live at the Drunken Boat” in 96, Double Stone claimed the coveted title of the heirs of the genre. Musicians “mutants”, they have adapted their instruments to digital technology, allowing them to play in any room in the desired volume. This technological feat earned them a title again, Louis Jouvet Trophy, awarded for sound innovation …

Lilian Descorps: vocals, harmonica

Franck Villafagne: guitar

Frédéric Villafagne: bass

Julien Bigey: drums

Laurent Chêne: manager