«Dreamerion» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

Dreamerion is a one-man project of Jakub Ernestowicz that was formed in 2004.

Music of the project revolves around such music genres as dark ambient, gothic, neoclassiacal with elements of rock, or metal. Sounds created by Dreamerion are dark, melancholic with often nostalgic atmosphere.

In the lyrics we can hear about the death of children, solitude, cry, all-embracing night and fear of death. The main subject matter is title ghost – Dreamerion, who takes and prepares children to leave this world. Ghost comes only at night and he resides in Childrens Graveland. There is an eternal night and this overwhelming place is full of death.

Presently the dominant theme of the lyrics related to the praise of nature, or an appeal to God, who in relation to man is silent.

The project is an outlet for the imagination, dreams and existential questions which bluntly and openly talk about what causes suffering and fear, to tame a man with fears, pain, and moments that are inevitable.

The first demo – “Contrast” was recorded on January/February, 2005 and it was mistakes, that gave musician more experience in creating music.

In the same year the next demo comes to life – “Death Hurts Only A Moment”, on wich we can find an atmospheric, gloomy and impulsive sounds with sepulchral voice and whispers.

21st February 2008 polish net-label - Kaos ex Machina - has released the first official album of Dreamerion – “The Pain Without Name”. There are very spatial and atmospheric sounds.This album has a very reflective character.

Dreamerion latest album is called - “All Gods Are Dumb”. The main difference with the older songs is more of the rhythm and clean vocals. There is less dark ambient sounds. Music is still the basis of climate and melody. The sound on this album is slightly blurred, like the image seen behind glass in a rainy day.

More information about Dreamerion you can find on the site: www.dreamerion.xaa.pl ,