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Born in Illinois, raised in San Diego and making a few trips back and forth while growing up, has given Ecay Uno (pronounced E-Say Uno) the ability to go beyond his block in his music and touch on any topic from a perspective that anyone can feel. He is a unique talent stands apart from the rest by providing listeners with a raw and gritty, yet profound take on life. There are no gimmicks or sensationalized scenarios in the stories that Ecay tells because his topics are based on true life experiences. Like most youth who are caught up by the lure of the streets, Ecay has had many hard lessons. It wasn’t until after living a life of crime, being riddled with 13 bullets and becoming paralyzed at age 19, that Ecay reached true maturity. With a new outlook on life, this survivor has transformed tragedy into triumph and is now determined to use his music as a vehicle to speak the truth.

In a time when rap music has become infiltrated by plastic groupies, studio gangstas, and platinum everything, it’s imperative to give this industry a dose of true artistry. Over the past couple of years San Diego’s own Ecay Uno, with his well received street release “Operation Elimination”, has gained the reputation of being a significant musical force and potentially being the next distinct sound coming out of the West. With more than just hype to back up such a statement, Ecay’s skills go beyond his provocative lyrics and effortless flow. This music machine is also a producer. Not only did he produce his entire debut album, but he also produces for various artists.

Many San Diego hard-hitters such as Jayo Felony, Mitchy Slick, I Rocc, Lil C.S., Mr. Lil 1, Mack Villin, and Young Sick have sought out his unique style for projects like Crip Hop, Triggeration Station, Blues Brothers, Dollas and SINS, Ghetto Classics, The Statement, and Dickies and Chuck Taylors. In addition to being featured on and producing numerous tracks for San Diego’s elite, Ecay has also worked with reputable artists outside of San Diego’s border such as Bad Azz, S.T.R.O.N.G., Yukmouth, Luni Coleone, The Eastsidaz, Kokane, Killa Tay. You can preview Ecay’s producing skills on the track titled “Came ‘Round” off of Master P’s compilation West Coast Bad Boys III and Daz Dillinger’s compilation the New West on the track titled “Gotta Watch”.

Not only can you sample Ecay’s music on numerous projects, but you can get to know more about him by checking out his limited edition DVD that accompanies his debut album “Mental Scars”. He also makes guest appearances on WC’s (of Westside Connection) DVD “Bandana Swangin” and the popular New York underground DVD “Boss Up” produced by Seven Business Days inc.,

As a result of Ecay creating and maintaining his own sound, Ecay’s music has gained the respect of Murderdog Magazine with his official debut release “Mental Scars” which was included on Murderdog’s “Best of the Best” 2003 list.

“It’s very rare that you can find a producer that can rap…We already know that he’s

a dope-a*s producer. Now check out his voice: he’s got one of those attention grabbin

voices; it’s a voice you wanna listen to. Then he’s got some of the most game filled

lyrics that you done heard in a while, real good storytelling sh*t…If you don’t pick

up some of this real game sh*t by Ecay Uno [you’re] definitely gonna lose out for the

rest of you’re life”.

- Muderdog Magazine 2003 Year End Special Edition

In addition to all of this, Ecay spearheads his own company known as Bomb Leery Entertainment. There is no doubt that this future label can be a significant force in the industry.