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Born in UK, the composer Michael Cutler began learning the piano at age 8 and ultimately passed grade 8 in 1984. This was only possible with much encouragement from the late Jena Cutler (Michael’s dear Mum who sadly passed away in December 2009).

Many people have commented on the restful nature of Michael’s music in the past. To Michael, music is an expression of the soul - the sometimes sad phrases echoing the foundation of poignant sadness on which earthly life is seemingly built.

Although classically trained, Michael always loved creating free flowing dreamy compositions initially on piano, and later using digital keyboards, synthesizers, and sound samplers.

Musical composition has always been a longstanding leisure activity and always in addition to a full time job, and family. The creative process for Michael is frustratingly slow these days, and like many artists, there are periods of ebb and flow with regard to the ease of composition.

Current equipment includes: Roland HP2700 digital piano, Roland E15 intelligent synthesizer, Akai S2800 sound sampler, M-Audiophile USB audio/MIDI card, with computer software Cubase, and Wavelab.