«Electric Dragon» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

Electric Dragon is an electro-punk project based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Their style is a perfectly blended mix of 8-bit tunes, electronic beats, hip-hop, punk guitar riffs, and wacky vocals with a weird accent.

In 2005 Electric Dragon was formed by Spratzaman and eLmo, and the Begins EP was released. After the EP quickly gained phenomenal success on the internet, Katasumi became the guitarman. The self-titled album was recorded and released in 2006. Max joined as a drummer and the band started doing amazing local shows for a while. In 2007, Spratzaman recorded alone the Returns album. Unofficial releases include a pack of cover songs, a collection of b-sides and demos, and the latest treat - alternative versions of old songs. The band is currently working on their new album And Robin.

Electric Dragon has never charged money for their music, itself. They have all their albums available for free download on the internet.