«Eleven Minutes Away» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

From the Great White North comes Eleven Minutes Away…and they’ve come with an emotional investment in songs that, simply put, lays it all on the line. With staccato rhythms, razor sharp guitars, turn-on-a-dime shifts and atmospheric interludes, EMA saves nothing for later on their debut Arson Followed Me Home. Perhaps it is youth’s emphatic drive toward creativity that fuels the wealth of ideas and breadth of songwriting among the punk, hardcore and metal membership of Eleven Minutes Away. Or perhaps it╧s pure tenacity. Whatever the case, we’re grateful. Songs like P.S. I Hate You bow, but never buckle, under the vigorous assault of chugging guitars. Songs like Atrophy Acetylene and Enjoy The Disaster blur the line with a dynamic, kinetic energy, while Danger Inc. and I Am Tragedy exhibit a melodic catharsis. From one extreme to the next, EMA delivers an unrelenting, frontal assault of heavy rock - instruments shining, crashing and rumbling - without a bump in the road. Expect the unexpected on this debut.