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Traditional heavy metal from Winnipeg, Canada, formed 2008, latest full-length album released in 2010.

“Powerkiller”, the second full length album from the Canadian NWOBHM-influenced hell-raisers EVIL SURVIVES, has just been released via War on Music Records. High-bit MP3ss of the full album will be available for free at www.evilsurvives.com.

Fans of classic IRON MAIDEN/JUDAS PRIEST power metal are already familiar with the antics of Canadian metal heroes EVIL SURVIVES and now, with the release of “Powerkiller”, EVIL is ready to conquer the rest of the metal world. Tracks like “Resist the Exorcism”, “Creature of Sin” and “Die like a Samauri” push all the right buttons to transport you back to the sold-out concert hall glory days when metal was larger than life and louder than hell. Throw in one of the best Ed Repka cover paintings in years and you have an irresistible purchase for the denim-and-leather crowd.

“Prepare to be toxified by a record oozing NWOBHM, scarred by thrash, and tormented by the ghost of Steve Harris, sent from the future to protect his legacy,” remarks Charley Justice of War on Music Records.