«Fabious Corpus Act» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

Fabious Corpus Act is a electro-industrial project formed in Belarus in 2005 by Vitali Leshkevich and Andrey Oleksyuk. Prior to that, both members of Fabious Corpus Act were working on their own projects, with combined genres of instrumental industrial, rhythmic noise and idm: Attacka Subito (Andrey) and Binary Digit (Vitaly).

The starting point for the emergence of Fabious Corpus Act was the first joint track “Alien Sky”, recorded in 2005. Andrey was first tried his hand as a lyricist and vocalist. The result was promising and musicians continue to work together. Step by step, born Tracks “Control”, “Through Horizon”, “Technology Of Hate”, “The City”… Musicians try to rebirth of electro-industrial sound the second half of the 90s with distorted vocals and sci-fi lyrics in russian. Basic influences: Front Line Assembly, Haujobb, Numb, Allied Vision, THD, БИО, Cryo, Технология, Биоконструктор.