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Fitzmaurice is an Anglo-Norman/Hiberno-Norman surname originating in County Kerry, Ireland. It is patronymic as the prefix Fitz- derives from the Latin filius, meaning "son of". The surname variants include FitzMaurice, Fitz Maurice, Fitz-Maurice, fitz Maurice, and the alternate spelling Fitzmorris. According to Irish genealogist Edward MacLysaght:

"Fitzmaurices are a famous branch of the Norman Geraldines, lords of Lixnaw in Kerry, notable for their resistance to English invaders in the sixteenth century. The name Fitzmaurice is also connected with Mayo because some Connacht Prendergasts adopted it."

Fitzmaurice is uncommon as a given name. People with the name Fitzmaurice include:

Given name

  • James FitzMaurice FitzGerald (b.?-?), member of the 16th century ruling Geraldine dynasty in the province of Munster in Ireland


  • The family of the Earls of Kerry
  • Catherine Fitzmaurice (b.?), Actress and voice specialist
  • Éamonn Fitzmaurice (1977- ), Gaelic footballer, former member of the Kerry senior football team and current selector
  • Edmond Fitzmaurice, 1st Baron Fitzmaurice (1846 – 1935), British Liberal politician
  • Edmond John Fitzmaurice (1881-1962), Bishop of (Catholic diocese of) Wilmington
  • George Fitzmaurice (1885 - 1940), American film director
  • George Fitzmaurice (writer) (1877 - 1963), Irish dramatist and writer
  • Gerald Fitzmaurice (1901-1982), English barrister and judge
  • James Fitzmaurice, disambiguation page
  • John Fitzmaurice (1947 - 2003), Belgian author
  • Lewis Roper Fitzmaurice (1816 - 1893), an explorer and surveyor aboard HMS Beagle, for whom the Fitzmaurice River is named
  • Martin Fitzmaurice (b. 1940), English darts master of ceremonies, caller, scorer and referee
  • Maurice Fitzmaurice (1861 - 1924), Irish civil engineer
  • Maurice Swynfen Fitzmaurice (1870 - 1927), Royal Navy officer
  • Michael John Fitzmaurice (b. 1950), former United States Army soldier and a recipient of the Medal of Honor
  • Neil Fitzmaurice (b. ?), British writer and actor
  • Tom Fitzmaurice (1898 - 1977), Australian rules footballer
  • Dane Fitzmaurice (b. 1992), Young American artist
  • Petty-Fitzmaurice, disambiguation page
  • Earls of Orkney from 1791 to 1998:
    • Mary FitzMaurice, 4th Countess of Orkney (1755-1831), 4th (modern) Countess of Orkney
    • Thomas FitzMaurice, 5th Earl of Orkney (1803-1877), 5th modern Earl of Orkney
    • George FitzMaurice, 6th Earl of Orkney (1827-1889)
    • Edmond FitzMaurice (1867-1951), 7th modern Earl of Orkney
    • Cecil FitzMaurice, 8th Earl of Orkney (1919-1998), 8th modern Earl of Orkney
  • Thomas Fitzmaurice(1966–present )10th Earl of Sanitation and Cleanliness

See also

  • Fitzmorris