«Фліт» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

Band from Ivano-Frankivśk, Ukraine was created in 2001.

  • Vocal - Novikov Volodymyr [Zhaba];
  • Back-vocal - Bieliakov Vitalij [Belia];
  • Guitar - Markiv Andrij [Marker];
  • Bass - Kopijevský Myxajlo [Misha];
  • Drums - Ozarko Ihor [krugly]. 
Genre - intelligent punk-rock, ukrainian

In December 2003 they released an album called “Svit takyj…” on label “Grolis Records”. In the beginning of 2004 Bekyakov Vitaliy left the band. Now they are creating music without him. In 2004 their album “Svit takyj…” was re-released by “Ukr-Music Records”.

This year (2006) they have released the second album “Svoje vse zanykaj”. It includes a lot of nice jokes and punk-themes. Also they have made two clips for 2 newest songs “Tablietka” and “Vsi šliaxy”.