«FM2000» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

FM2000 is an alternative metal band from Pieksämäki Finland. The band is known for mixing and blending various music styles into metal. The band was formed in 1999 by Kosmo, Sebü and Rota. After getting started by playing Red Hot Chili Peppers covers, recording a few demos, changing the language from English to Finnish and Vepa joining the band they found, after 5 years, a style of music that pleased the band itself. FM2000’s style of music has been described as supprising and harsh redneck metal with flavours of thrash punk, humppa and ethnic music. FM2000 won the demo band of the year award at Finnish Metal Awards 2009. Band was signed to Sakara Records right after receiving the award. Members of the band can be seen in other bands such as Herra Ylppö ja Ihmiset, Vox Flatus and Verine.Current line-up Ipi, Drums Sebü, Vocals & Bass Rota, Guitar & Shout Vepa, Guitar & ShoutAlbums FM2000 Opium GrilliMeibi Bus Home (2009, Sakara Records)Moskovan pasuunat (2006) FM2000 Go Russia (2006)76100 Pieksämäki (2005)Volovo (2004)Routanyrkki (2003) Ruumisvasara EP (2002)http://www.fm2000.org/