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In a perfect world, you’d already know about Glory Nights, at least in their perfect world. Their story begins much like the bands they aspire to be; friends with a common love for music, and the desire to create their own.

Formed in January 2004, Glory Nights takes it upon themselves to change the way people perceive rock music. Bending genre borders and combining “pretty” with “rock” is a staple for these guys. Knowing a good thing when they hear it, Glory Nights has taken a page from the books of bands such as Acceptance, Taking Back Sunday, Anberlin, and Jimmy Eat World to forge a similar yet unique sound all their own. In a sea of bands trying to be “The Next Heaviest Group”, Glory Nights has taken a closer look at things, realizing that simplicity, hooks and melody are far more important. Sacrificing all things comfortable and secure, they have come together with undying passion in hopes of spreading their music to everyone possible.

In order to do this, Glory Nights set out to record their independent debut EP entitled, “We’re All The Same Down Here,” with acclaimed producer and engineer Travis Saunders, whose recent success stories include Stutterfly (Maverick Records) and Chandelle. The EP was released in February of 2005, featuring six remarkable and emotionally charged songs for such a fresh band. The EP has consistently stayed within the top 40 sales chart on SmartPunk, and is constantly increasing in demand. The band also has built an impressive online following, boasting one of the highest play counts for independent bands in Canada on sites such as Purevolume and Myspace. Starting in the summer of 2005 the ball has picked up speed, as Glory Nights played the Vans Warped Tour in Vancouver after winning a slot in Ernie Ball’s Battle of the Bands. The upcoming year is looking very promising for this young band, as they will be playing a few select Canadian dates with Bleed the Dream (Warcon Records) and Greeley Estates, not to mention dates in the works with bands such as Underoath, Stutterfly and Strung Out - all acts which Glory Nights are presenting shows for in their hometown to help strengthen the local music scene, and in the process, turn their listening audience on to bands that have inspired and influenced them.

This band lives and breathes every second for their cause, their work ethic is second to none and they have built invaluable skills as an independent unit to further their careers in the industry. Glory Nights is now seeking the help of the right people to take their band to the next level, to gain the fans that they know they can win over. Watch for them.

-Taken from myspace description.