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Head Mix Collective: Bridge The Gap | Birthrights
Headmix: Live! | Reach Out | Remixed

The original diddly dub band collective (later known as Headmix), from the twyford down motorway tree protests these folks played touring widely around europe and the uk in the late 90s, they had a live tape and then a CD called rise up, then later Bassist Ed made a remix with lots of DJs, a little bit after the end of the band, Im sure they will be back someday, the fiddler is now in three daft monkeys, they resided around Brighton and Bath, they were amazing live. their management was with Cris from the tofu love frogs,rang them up about 5 years back and they still wanted to play! any seriose approach to them through him could bear fruits

Headmix were

dougy - drums

ed - bass

nuala - violin, burmese phono fiddle, mandola, accordian, backing vocals

sarah - vocals, melodica, bagpipes, whistle

tomo - electric guitar

tony - digeridoo

additional musicians;

dave - trumpet

chris - trombone

richard - flute, saxophone

emma - cello

richard - acoustic guitar, harp, tabla

marcus - electric guitar

al - electric guitar

molara - backing vocals

perch - fx

Head Mix Collective

*Bridge The Gap (1996)

*Birthrights (1998)


*Live! (2000)

*Reach Out (2001)

*Remixed (2002)