«Here Comes The Kraken» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

Here Comes The Kraken is a deathcore band from Aguascalientes, México. The band was formed in 2007 by Tore (lead guitar), Alex (guitar), and Deivis (drums). They later recruited Alexa on bass. Their debut eponymous album (Here Comes The Kraken) was released in 2009, which was accompanied with a extensive tour in Mexico and Europe. They then followed this up with an EP entitled The Omen in 2010. Both of these releases shared a similar, very heavy death metal influenced sound. In 2011 they released their second full-length album, Hate, Greed & Death. This release featured a significantly different sound that, while still retaining elements of deathcore, overall leans towards a very nu metal sound. Reception has been extremely mixed. Here Comes the Kraken took pride in creating a nu metal album and even promoted the record before release with online banners that read “nu metal coming soon” and even sold shirts with “nu metal” displayed on them in large font. Jero was also recruited on turntables at this time. After their appearance and performance in the Festival Vive Latino 2011 the band initiated their Hate Greed & Death tour and after a great number of shows they had to cancel the tour due to a car accident in which some of the band members were injured. They therefore could not continue playing and are still in recovery. They reissued their debut album on 8 January 2013 through Metalitarian Records featuring two new tracks: Aguascalientes (Dead Home City) and Cruzades (21/12/12). They also announced that they are working on a third full-length due for release in 2013.